Social Science Department

  • Bernadita Aguon-Hernandez Teacher, AP Government & American Government
    Phone: (671) 477-8203
  • Sister Dorothy Lettiere, RSM Counselor (9th & 10th Grade), Teacher, Psychology and AP Psychology
    Phone: (671) 477-8203
  • Dr. Judi Guthertz Teacher, AP European History, AP World History, Modern World History & Advanced Geography,
    Phone: (671) 477-8203
  • Sherri Vensel Teacher, World Geography and Ancient History, World Geography and Ancient History Honors
    Phone: (671) 477-8203
  • Tia Flores Teacher, AP United States History, United States History
    Phone: (671) 477-8203
  • Fanai Castro Teacher, History and Culture of Guam
    Phone: (671) 477-8203


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